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 We are a group of young designers who are very familiar with all cryptocurrency, and have our own view of these things About



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About us


We are a group of young designers who are very familiar with all cryptocurrency, and have our own view of these things. Our mission is to show you what efforts should be made to get cryptocurrency, as well as to dispel the myths that are spread throughout the Internet. Our project takes a modest start but has great potential We offer you the opportunity to try each of our ideas free of charge


  • How does it work?
    We use someone else's servers for our mining. We have access to a huge number of computing techniques that provide a very fast mining. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with more details for reasons of authors and copyright holders’ protection rights.
  • Why don’t you earn money for yourself, if you have such a profitable product?
    We used to earn on it for a while.But we think that the peak time for Bitcoins mining has long gone, and now it's not just a profitable investment as it might look like or as you were told by other similar services.Currently, the majority of mining represents a plan for owners’ profit that will bring you little earning. The payback time of your investments exceeds the expectations by times, and a part of projects is closed thus deceiving you.I think many of you will understand what is-it all about.In addition, we are altruists, and our goal is to dispel the legends and lies that invade the cryptocurrency field at the moment.
  • Why you can trust us?
    Similar services are always willing to get your investments, and only then they will give some results that are not always justified.We provide you with trial versions of our programs for which you pay nothing.You will have sufficient time to try the program and make sure that it works.And only then, if you want, you can make some material donations and get the full version of the program.In addition, you have the opportunity to pay for our services on a daily basis.Thus, we made sure to reduce your concerns about our service.
  • How do I contact you? I have some ideas on how to improve your project.
    The website has a feedback form that will allow you to send us a message. You are strongly requested not to use it sparingly and not to spam it. We will try to answer all the important questions you may haveThe FAQ section contains the answers to the most frequently asked questions
  • Why do you sell only one license for the program per customer?
    Although we have access to a huge amount of computing power, it is still unlimited. Our task is to give many people the opportunity to earn, instead of serving several monopolists.
  • Why does your program generate Bitcoins only?
    At the moment, we believe that Bitcoins represent a very confident cryptocurrency.Its value will continue to grow, and it is already exchanged in many world banks.Therefore, our service is focused primarily on only one cryptocurrency.However, we promise that in the future we will add the ability to generate the most popular cryptocurrency as well.
  • Why did I receive a spam mailout of your website?
    We have a referral program. Perhaps, someone involved referrals by no fairy means. We apologize for that.







 Our project is quite young, and we are interested in attracting more people. Therefore, we, like many others, have created a referral program for this. Our referral program is a little different from similar programs on other mining websites. We have no registration. You can get your referral link via the downloaded program. The program also displays the information concerning the number of your referrals. Bonuses received for referrals will be also available in your program. You will be able to withdraw them together with the main charges. You will receive 10% of earnings on the trial version of the program, and 5% - on the full version, if the referral acquires it. Find in the program more information on charges.


Client Software


Bitcoinminer v 1.27


  • Update v 1.27
    Added the ability to check your referral bonuses Added a graph of computing power Nearly introduced the possibility of mining litecoin
Our Bitcoin miner is a special miner in its form. Although it operates only on one computing power, its power is approximately about 30,000 ghs as of February 01, 2017. The miner operates on sha-256 cryptographic function only. According to a simple calculation, you can make good money using even the free version of our program. Answers to many other questions can be found in the FAQ. Good luck.
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